Can I Use Philips Lumea On My Face?

Should I shave my face before using Philips Lumea?

Removing hair from your skin before using Philips Lumea is very important if hair is still visible.

You can choose to shave, epilate or wax..

Do I have to shave my upper lip before IPL?

It is important to shave before your laser hair removal treatment so that the laser energy is absorbed by the pigmented hair in the follicle. A day or two after the treatment, some hairs may start to pop out and it seems as though the hair is already regrowing.

How long does a Philips Lumea last?

Philips Lumea can leave legs utterly smooth for eight weeks after the initial four treatments. Considering two lower legs can be treated in just 15 minutes, having to do this only once every two months hardly seems an inconvenience. After which, you can spend another two months with smooth legs!

What happens if I use IPL every day?

What happens if you use IPL too often? Excessive treatments probably won’t do you any harm apart from possibly leading to irritated skin. … This depends on your skin and hair type, the parts of the body being treated, shaving and correctly using your IPL during sessions etc.

What does your face look like after IPL?

After IPL therapy, you may experience: Slight bruising, which will take 1 – 2 weeks to dissipate. Age spots and freckles looking darker for the first 3 – 7 days, which is normal. Skin becoming crusty or flaky, which may last 7 – 10 day.

How long does IPL facial last?

With your first and subsequent IPL treatments, improvement is most noticeable starting about a week after each session. You’ll see the greatest results after 3 to 6 months if you do a series of IPL treatments spaced out about a month apart for each session.

Does Philips Lumea remove hair permanently?

Salons use a very high-intensity light for this procedure, which can be painful. Whereas, the flashes released by Philips Lumea are much gentler. However, both treatments give the same hair removal results. 100% permanent hair removal is highly unlikely, regardless whether you use IPL at your home or at a salon.

Is Philips Lumea safe for face?

You can use Philips Lumea BRI956 for face safely as the face head comes with additional UV filter to provide extra safety during your treatment session. It is a great investment for every woman who wants to keep her skin smooth. You can use it anywhere at any time with complete privacy.

Can I use IPL on my face?

IPL stands for intense pulsed light. It’s a type of light therapy used to treat wrinkles, spots, and unwanted hair. You can use IPL to minimize or remove: … hair on your face, neck, back, chest, legs, underarms, or bikini line.

How often can you use Philips Lumea on face?

every two weeksInitial treatment schedule For the first 4 treatments, use Lumea once every two weeks to ensure that all hairs are treated. Treat yourself within 3 days before or after the planned treatment date. If you have not treated yourself within 3 days before or after the planned treatment date, restart the initial phase.

Can I use Philips Lumea every week?

We recommend using Philips Lumea once every two weeks for the first four treatments to achieve significant hair reduction result. To maintain these results, repeat the treatments every 4 weeks for 8 times. The results may vary based on your individual hair regrowth and also across different body areas.

Does Philips Lumea work on facial hair?

Yes. Fabulous machine, worked wonders for my dark facial hair. It’s also cleared my armpit hair, working towards leg at the moment. I’ve just been looking and they seem to vary in price quite a lot between models, not sure what the differences are!

Can IPL damage your skin?

There is very little risk of damaging your skin from IPL treatments, also known as photofacials. A photofacial is a non-invasive treatment that saturates the surface of your skin with light to target problem areas and reverse both signs of damage and aging.

Does IPL hurt on face?

During IPL It should be somewhat uncomfortable – People that say there is no pain or discomfort involved are lying or haven’t used a professional for their IPL. The sensation felt during IPL is that of heat and has been likened to a rubber band being snapped on the skin’s surface.

Can I use Philips Lumea on my breast?

Do not use your Philips Lumea on lesions, moles, nipples, piercings, tattoos etc.

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