Quick Answer: Is IPL A Waste Of Money?

What’s wrong with IPL?

On Monday, the BCCI decided to cancel the Indian Premier League 2021 owing to Covid-19 cases among the players and support staff inside the bio-bubble.

Some players and several members of the team management tested positive for the virus and it resulted in the postponement of IPL 2021 mid-way through the tournament..

Is IPL good or bad?

IPL is good or bad, It is based on people interest and opinion. In my point of view IPL is very good strategy because most of young cricketers to show our talents in IPL and chance to be place in India team squad playing XI must be select an opportunity.

Who is waste of IPL?

A total of 48,074 kgs of waste was generated at the IPL matches that took place in Bengaluru….Sustainable Events: How We Pulled off the Greenest IPL Yet.Waste Streams:Quantity of Waste GeneratedFood waste7,598 kgDry waste34,025 kgGarden Waste1,740 kg2 more rows

Which is best team in IPL?

Alright then, let’s look at the ranking and rating of each Team after the Mumbai and Chennai phase of IPL 2021.#8: Kolkata Knight Riders – 6.63.#7: Punjab Kings – 6.71.#6: Rajasthan Royals – 7.06.#5: Mumbai Indians – 7.38.#3: Chennai Super Kings – 8.2.#2: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 8.36.#1: Delhi Capitals – 8.41.Apr 26, 2021

Which is the strongest team in IPL?

Royal Challengers BangaloreRoyal Challengers Bangalore Has the Strongest Squad in IPL 2021: Virat Kohli.

What is the dangerous team in IPL?

1. Mumbai Indians (IPL 2020)

Is IPL boring Quora?

Yes IPL is getting boring. Not only because it happens every year but because there are so many T20 leagues that take place throughout the year. To ensure some amount of exclusivity, Indian players are not permitted to play in any other T20 league.

Who is good in IPL?

Teams with most wins in IPLMumbai Indians. 122. … Chennai Super Kings. 111. … Kolkata Knight Riders. 100. … Royal Challengers Bangalore. WIN %: 46.08 | MATCHES: 204 | LOSS: 102 | TIED: 3 | NR: 5. … Delhi Capitals. WIN %: 43.84 | MATCHES: 203 | LOSS: 107 | TIED: 4 | NR: 3. … Punjab Kings. … Rajasthan Royals. … Sunrisers Hyderabad.More items…

What are the disadvantages of IPL?

You cannot find any player to compete in test cricket after three or four years. Players are more susceptible to injuries and they are very much prone to injuries which not allows them for their national duties. And nobody is willing to sacrifice the IPL because of the huge sum of money they get at the end of the day.

Is IPL a waste of time and money?

Is the IPL 2020 a waste of time and money? Yes, IPL 2020 is waste of time. Any entertainment is just a waste of time and money.

Is IPL a waste of time?

IPL is not at all a waste of time, rather it’s a very good thing and a great form of entertainment for all. When a person comes back home from the office, store, school or university, for a continuous three hours, he/she can spend time with his/her family and children while watching the fun sport.

Why is IPL waste of time?

Originally Answered: Is watching the IPL a waste of time? No , absolutely not. If you can spend your time watching Champions League, EPL then it is also another sort of entertainment for cricket lovers(at least for Indians). … If you watch IPL big fishs like Gayle , Kohli , Dhoni, Rohit will not disappoint you.

Is cricket a waste of time?

No, you might say that they waste their time watching the IPL, but I don’t think anyone wastes their time watching the national team play, especially in important matches. There are thousands of games on earth, In india only cricket famous. Peoples only watching cricket in TV, it is also entertainment for people.

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