Quick Answer: What Do CL Mean?

What does the E stand for in BMW models?

Entwicklung DevelopmentSince the mid 1960’s all BMW models have had a factory code beginning with E; this E stands for Entwicklung Development and the number relates to the date when the design department started work on a new model, example: E30 = March 1980..

How many CL can I take at once?

CL should not be granted for more than 5 days at any time, except under special circumstances. v. CL can be taken for half a day also.

What is CL in English?

centiliter, centilitre, cl(adj) a metric unit of volume equal to one hundredth of a liter. one hundred fifty, 150, cl(adj) being ten more than one hundred forty.

What does CI mean in police code?

Confidential InformantPolice & FBI Acronyms187California Penal Code for MurderCIConfidential InformantCIRCritical Incident ReportCLETClandestine Laboratory Enforcement TeamCOCommanding Officer113 more rows

What is the BMW ZHP package?

Performance package (ZHP) The ZHP was equipped with sportier camshafts and revised engine tuning to increase power output from 168–175 kW (225–235 hp) as well as a shorter final drive gear ratio, and a corresponding increase in redline from 6,500 rpm to 6,800 rpm.

Why is BMW called a Beamer?

The nickname “bimmer” for BMW cars originated in the US. It was derived from “beemer” or “beamer,” names for BMW motorcycles that were first coined in the UK in the 1960s and later spread across the globe.

How does CI work?

Continuous Integration (CI) is a development practice that requires developers to integrate code into a shared repository several times a day. Each check-in is then verified by an automated build, allowing teams to detect problems early.

What does CI mean in text?

Confidential InformantSecond Definition for CICIDefinition:Confidential InformantType:AbbreviationGuessability:5: Extremely difficult to guessTypical Users:Specialists

What does CL mean in work?

Compensatory LeaveCL stands for Compensatory Leave.

What does CI stand for?

AcronymDefinitionCICriminal InformantCICustomer IntegrationCIComputers in Industry (journal)CICervical Incompetence234 more rows

What does CI stand for BMW?

“Ci” indicates It’s a Coupe/Convertible with a petrol injected engine. 8. “Cd” indicates that It’s a coupe with a diesel powered engine.

What does CL mean on a house plan?

CL.: Closet. CL: Center LIne. CLG.: Ceiling. CMU: Concrete Masonry Unit.

What does CL emoji mean?

CL Button emoji is the letter “C” and “L” in a square. It is a lesser used emoji since it stands for “Clear” that was most often seen on older phones.

“Confidential Informant” or “CI” – any individual who provides useful and credible information to a JLEA regarding felonious criminal activities, and from whom the JLEA expects or intends to obtain additional useful and credible information regarding such activities in the future.